#70 Not Just Tiny Adults

Dr. Paul Nathan, Staff Pediatric Oncologist, Senior Associate Scientist, and Director of the AfterCare Program at the Hospital for Sick Children

December 4, 2019

Children have historically been excluded from medical research studies and clinical trials in order to protect them. While this exclusion is well intentioned, we need pediatric research to answer important clinical questions and improve clinical care for this patient population. On this episode of Raw Talk, we explored the nuances of pediatric health research and clinical practice. Our conversation started with Dr. Elizabeth Stephenson, Staff Cardiologist, researcher, and Chair of the Research Ethics Board at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), who shares why it's so important to include vulnerable populations, like children, in research and the ethical considerations that make this possible. Dr. Stephenson also discussed concepts including capacity, consent vs assent, and risk vs benefit in the pediatric setting. We also spoke with Nurse Practitioner Tara McKeown and Clinical Research Nurse Andrea Cote about their exciting and challenging roles in the New Agent and Innovative Therapy (NAIT) program, conducting early phase clinical trials at SickKids. Finally, Dr. Paul Nathan, Director of the AfterCare childhood cancer survivorship program at SickKids, shares how clinical care differs in childhood vs adult cancer survivors, the concept of "shared care" in this field, and both he and Dr. Stephenson discuss the importance of including children and adolescents in conversations about their health.

Written by: Melissa Galati

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SickKids AfterCare Program
New Agent and Innovative Therapy (NAIT) Program
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