#63 Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Future and Ethical Considerations

Panel 2: (left to right) Chris Hammill, Dr. Alison Paprica, Dr. Sunit Das, and Dr. Allan Miranda (not shown)

August 14, 2019

Where do you see medicine in 20 years? Does it involve Artificial Intelligence? We think it does, which is why this summer we hosted our second annual live event entitled Medicine Meets Machine: The Emerging Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare! This episode is all about the future and ethical considerations of AI in medicine. Our panelists come from diverse backgrounds and share their unique opinions on what should be feared and what the public has wrong about AI. We will hear from Alison Paprica, Christopher Hammill, Sunit Das as well as moderator Allan Miranda about the path we must take to ensure a productive future with AI.

Written by: Nazanin Ijad

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