#50 From Surgical Mesh to DBS - Medical Devices in the 21st Century

Dr. David Urbach, Surgeon-in-Chief, Women's College Hospital


November 7, 2018

Is it possible to move a wheelchair simply by thinking about it? Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Medical devices, such as brain-computer interfaces and insulin pumps, have dramatically changed the landscape of the medical field. They have enabled clinicians and patients to manage a range of diseases which were impossible to cope with or cure prior to the invention of these devices. Tune in to this week's episode as we sit down with Dr. David Urbach, Surgeon-in-Chief at the Women's College Hospital, to discuss the invention, regulation of, and controversy surrounding medical devices. We also spoke to two students - George Hanna, a Master of Applied Science and Engineering student at the Holland Bloorview Research Institute, and Amy Khan, an MD/PhD student at U of T - who are in the process of designing novel devices to help mobilize people with disabilities and make laparoscopic surgery safer, respectively. Lastly, we reached out to two patients - Doug Oliver (and his wife Diane), whose life was transformed by deep brain stimulation, as well as Lindsay Oliver, whose insulin pump is a fundamental part of her daily life. Thanks for tuning in, and until next time, keep it raw!

Written by: Aditi Desai

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