#41 Unpacking the Award-Winning Documentary - Unrest


June 20, 2018

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is a debilitating and misunderstood disease that affects 20 million people globally. Raw Talk had the chance to attend a screening of the award-winning documentary, Unrest. Unrest explores the personal journey of Jennifer Brea from ME/CFS patient to advocate to storyteller. Join Grace and Melissa as they reflect on the compelling documentary and share the unique perspectives of the event moderator, Scott Simpson, co-founder of Millions Missing Canada; as well as panelists Dr. Wilfred de Vega, ME/CFS scientist; Larissa Fan and Kirsten Dahlin Nolan, ME/CFS patients and advocates; and Dr. Sarah Selke, physician specializing in ME/CFS. We explored everything from proposed causes of ME/CFS, to diagnostic criteria, to treatments and coping mechanisms. Press play to learn more about the millions that medicine left behind. A big thank-you to Laura Best and SciComm Toronto for bringing this topic to our attention.

Written by: Melissa Galati

Unrest (film)
Canadian Consensus Criteria
Science for ME
CFIDS & Fibromyalgia Self-Help
ME & CFS Canada
Millions Missing Canada
Naviaux et al. PNAS, 2016

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