#4 Demystifying Schizophrenia

Dr. Albert Wong, Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology at IMS, Research Scientist, and Staff Psychiatrist at CAMH


December 31, 2016

To continue this month's theme of "The Physician-Scientist", we are thrilled to bring you an episode featuring the incredible Dr. Albert Wong, Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology at the Institute of Medical Sciences, and Research Scientist & Staff Psychiatrist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. In this episode, Dr. Wong discusses the importance of conducting research in psychiatry, as well as sharing his insights from his research on the molecular and genetic aspects of schizophrenia. This dose of Raw Talk also features two brand-new segments, hosted by Eryn and Kat! In "Myth busters", they take a few minutes to debunk some of the most common misconceptions surrounding schizophrenia. Then they take to the streets of the University of Toronto campus to find out the "Word on the Street" is about mental health and what it means to students! Be sure to tune in and until next time, keep it raw!

Written by: Ekaterina An and Eryn Tong

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