#107 Unravelling the Nobel Prize and Touch Sensations


2022 May 26

In 2021, Dr. David Julius and Dr. Ardem Patapoutian won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for their discoveries related to temperature and touch receptors. In this episode, Dr. Rose Hill and Dr. Robert Bonin introduce us to this topic of sensory perception, specifically touch and pain. Dr. Bonin describes how we experience pain, delving into acute vs chronic pain, thresholds to pain, and the distinction between nociception and pain. Dr. Hill also shares about her experience being in Dr. Patapoutian's Nobel winning lab, and her work on the perception of itch. Additionally, we get a deeper look into the inner workings of the Nobel Prize, as Dr. Abdel El Manira shares about his time on the Nobel Committee and the inner workings of the Nobel. Join us on this episode, as we unravel touch and the Nobel Prize.

Discoveries of receptors for temperature and touch
Bonin Lab
UofT Centre for the Study of Pain
Dr. Hill profile
A trio of ion channels takes the heat
Profile of 2021 Nobel Prize winners

Dr. Robert Bonin

Assistant Professor, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Scientist, University of Toronto Centre for the Study of Pain

Dr. Abdel El Manira

Professor, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden + Member of the Nobel Assembly, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Dr. Rose Hill

Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, Scripps Research, United States, Member of The Patapoutian Lab

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